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Development and validation of the distress thermometer for parents of a chronically ill child.Haverman L, van Oers HA, Limperg PF, Houtzager BA, Huisman J, Darlington AS, Maurice-Stam H, Grootenhuis MA.Dr. Lotte Haverman2013
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Do I feel sadness, fear or both? Comparing self-reported alexithymia and emotional task-performance in children with many or few somatic complaints.Jellesma, F.C., Rieffe, C., Meerum Terwogt, M., and Westenberg, P.M.Dr. Francine C. Jellesma2009
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Do surgical interventions influence psychosexual and cosmetic outcomes in women with disorders of sex development?Callens N, van der Zwan YG, Drop SL, Cools M, Beerendonk CM, Wolffenbuttel KP, Dessens ABDr. Arianne Dessens2012
Drawings of very preterm-born children at 5 years of age: a first impression of cognitive and motor development?Schepers, S., Dekovic, M., Feltzer, M., de Kleine, M., & van Baar, A.PhD Sasja Schepers2011
Early infantile electroencephalography in patients with spina bifidaCuppen I, Vinck A, Geerdink N, Rotteveel JJ, Roeleveld N, Pasman JWDr Anja Vinck2011
Early non-parental care and toddler behaviour problems: Links with temperamental negative affectivity and inhibitory controlRoseriet Beijers, Marianne Riksen-Walraven, Samuel Putnam, Marjanneke de Jong, Carolina de WeerthMSc Marjanneke de Jong2013
Een 2e kindje?CSH Aarnoudse-Moensdr Cornelieke Aarnoudse-Moens2016
Effect of Exercise Training on Sports Enjoyment and Leisure-time Spending in Adolescents with Complex Congenital Heart Disease: The Moderating Effect of Health Behavior and Disease Knowledge.Dulfer K, Duppen N, Blom NA, van Dijk AP, Helbing WA, Verhulst FC, Utens EM.Dr Karolijn Dulfer2013
Effective peer-to-peer support for young people with end-stage renal disease: a mixed methods evaluation of Camp COOLJane N.T. Sattoe, Susan Jedeloo, AnneLoes van StaaDr. Jane Sattoe2013