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The proxy problem anatomized: child-parent disagreement in health-related quality of life reports of chronically ill adolescentsJane N.T. Sattoe, AnneLoes van Staa, Henriƫtte A. MollDr. Jane Sattoe2012
The Somatic Complaint List: Validation of a self-report questionnaire assessing somatic complaints in children.Jellesma, F.C., Rieffe, C.,and Meerum Terwogt, M.Dr. Francine C. Jellesma2007
Toolkit Kind en Trauma: Informatie voor leerkrachten van groep 5 t/m 8Alisic, E.dr. Eva Alisic2010
Trauma exposure in primary school children: who is at risk?Alisic, E. , Van der Schoot, T. A. W., Van Ginkel, J. R., & Kleber, R. J.dr. Eva Alisic2008
Twenty-year follow-up of antenatal corticosteroid treatment.Dessens AB, Haas HS, Koppe JG.Dr. Arianne Dessens2000
Virilization due to androgen hypersecretion in a patient with ovarian leydig cell tumor: diagnostic and psychosocial implications.Juniarto AZ, Setiawati BA, Ediati A, van der Zwan YG, Looijenga LH, de Jong FH, Dessens A, Drop SL, Faradz SM.Dr. Arianne Dessens2013
Visual perception and visual-motor integration in very preterm and/or very low birth weight children: A meta-analysisGeldof, C.J.A., van Wassenaer, A.G., de Kieviet, J.F., Kok J.H., & Oosterlaan, J.dr Christiaan Geldof2012
Visual search and attention in five-year-old very preterm/very low birth weight childrenC.J.A. Geldof, J. F. de Kieviet, M. Dik, J. H. Kok, A. G. van Wassenaer-Leemhuis, & J. Oosterlaandr Christiaan Geldof2013
Young adults' experiences and satisfaction with the transfer of careAnneLoes van Staa, Jane N.T. SattoeDr. Jane Sattoe2014
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