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Psychometric properties and Dutch norm data of the PedsQL multidimensional fatigue scale for young adultsLotte Haverman, Perrine F. Limperg, Hedy A. van Oers, Marion A. J. van Rossum, Heleen Maurice-Stam, Martha A. GrootenhuisPhD Perrine Limperg2014
Pre-adoptive risk factors and behavioural problems in children adopted from PolandKnuiman, S., Rijk, C. H. A. M., Hoksbergen, R. A. C., Van Baar, A. L.Dr. Sandra Knuiman2014
Parental Mental Health Moderates the Efficacy of Exercise Training on Health-Related Quality of Life in Adolescents with Congenital Heart Disease.Dulfer K, Duppen N, Van Dijk AP, Kuipers IM, Van Domburg RT, Verhulst FC, VanDr Karolijn Dulfer2014
Aerobic exercise influences quality of life of children and youngsters with congenital heart disease: a randomized controlled trial.Dulfer K, Duppen N, Kuipers IM, Schokking M, van Domburg RT, Verhulst FC, Helbing WA, Utens EMDr Karolijn Dulfer2014
Effects of exercise training on behavioral and emotional problems in adolescents with tetralogy of Fallot or a Fontan circulation: a randomized controlled trial.Dulfer K, Duppen N, Blom NA, Van Domburg RT, Helbing WA, Verhulst FC, Utens EM.Dr Karolijn Dulfer2014
Young adults' experiences and satisfaction with the transfer of careAnneLoes van Staa, Jane N.T. SattoeDr. Jane Sattoe2014
Quality of life and behavioral functioning in Dutch pediatric patients with hereditary spherocytosis.Teunissen, Hijmans, Cnossen, Bronner, Grootenhuis, & PetersDr. Madelon Bronner2014
Non-specific Treatment Effects In Methylphenidate Response In Zeeuw P, Swanson JM, 2 Aarnoudse-Moens CSH, Sergeant JA, Oosterlaan J.dr Cornelieke Aarnoudse-Moens2014
Children without parental care in Poland: Foster care, institutionalization and adoptionKnuiman, S., Rijk, C. H. A. M., Hoksbergen, R. A. C., Van Baar, A. L.Dr. Sandra Knuiman2015
Children adopted from Poland display a high risk of foetal alcohol spectrum disorders and some may go undiagnosedKnuiman, S., Rijk, C. H. A. M., Hoksbergen, R. A. C., Van Baar, A. L.Dr. Sandra Knuiman2015
Self-management interventions for young people with chronic conditions: A systematic overviewJane N.T. Sattoe, Marjolijn I. Bal, Pepijn D.D.M. Roelofs, Roland Bal, Harald S. Miedema, AnneLoes van StaaDr. Jane Sattoe2015
Children's self reported discomforts as participants in clinical researchStaphorst MS; Hunfeld JAM, Vathorst S van de, Passchier J, Goudoever JB vanDr. Mira Staphorst2015