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My peers, my friend, and I: Peer Interactions and Somatic Complaints in Boys and Girls.Jellesma, F.C., Rieffe, C., and Meerum Terwogt, M.Dr. Francine C. Jellesma2008
Do parents reinforce somatic complaints in their children?Jellesma, F.C., Rieffe, C., Meerum Terwogt, M.,&Westenberg, P.M.Dr. Francine C. Jellesma2008
Somatic Complaints and Health Care Use in Children: Mood, Emotion Awareness and Sense of Coherence.Jellesma, F.C., Rieffe,C., Meerum Terwogt, M.,and Kneepkens, C.M.F.Dr. Francine C. Jellesma2006
Predicting health-related quality of life of parents of children with inherited metabolic diseases.Hatzmann et alProf dr Martha Grootenhuis2009
Paediatric illness! Family matters.Grootenhuis & BronnerProf dr Martha Grootenhuis2009
Applying Dutch and US versions of the BSID-II in Dutch children born preterm leads to different outcomesDrs. Bianca Gorter-Overdiek
Selecting the appropriate outcome in paediatric physical therapy: how individual treatment goals of children with cerebral palsy are reflected in GMFM-88 and PEDI.Engelen V, Ketelaar M, Gorter JW.Drs Vivian Engelen2007
A community-based survey of posttraumatic stress disorder in the Netherlands.Dr. Madelon Bronner
Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in children after pediatric intensive care treatment compared to children who survived a major fire disaster.Dr. Madelon Bronner
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