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COPING IN PARENTS OF CHILDREN WITH CONGENITAL HEART DISEASEKarolijn Dulfera, Willem A. Helbingb, and Elisabeth M.W.J. UtensaDr. Elisabeth Utens2012
Discontinuation of tube feeding in young children by hunger provocation.Kindermann A, Kneepkens CM, Stok A, van Dijk EM, Engels M, Douwes AC.drs. Alice van Dijk-Lokkart2008
Quality of life questionnaires for children with cancer and childhood cancer survivors: a review of the development of available measures.Klassen AF, Strohm SJ, Maurice-Stam H, Grootenhuis MA.Prof dr Martha Grootenhuis2009
Pre-adoptive risk factors and behavioural problems in children adopted from PolandKnuiman, S., Rijk, C. H. A. M., Hoksbergen, R. A. C., Van Baar, A. L.Dr. Sandra Knuiman2014
Children without parental care in Poland: Foster care, institutionalization and adoptionKnuiman, S., Rijk, C. H. A. M., Hoksbergen, R. A. C., Van Baar, A. L.Dr. Sandra Knuiman2015
Children adopted from Poland display a high risk of foetal alcohol spectrum disorders and some may go undiagnosedKnuiman, S., Rijk, C. H. A. M., Hoksbergen, R. A. C., Van Baar, A. L.Dr. Sandra Knuiman2015
Feasibility of an age-appropriate additional, preventive intervention for very preterm born children at 18 months.Koldewijn, K. Meijssen, DE, Wassenaer-Leemhuis, AG, Aarnoudse-Moens, CSH, vanSchie, PE, Jeukens-Visser, M.dr Cornelieke Aarnoudse-Moens2016
Study design of 'FRIENDS for Life': process and effect evaluation of an indicated school-based prevention programme for childhood anxiety and depression.Kösters MP, Chinapaw MJ, Zwaanswijk M, van der Wal MF, Utens EM, Koot HM.Dr. Elisabeth Utens2012
Long-term neurodevelopmental outcome after intrauterine transfusion for hemolytic disease of the fetus/newborn: the LOTUS study.Lindenburg IT, Smits-Wintjens VE, van Klink JM, Verduin E, van Kamp IL, Walther FJ, Schonewille H, Doxiadis II, Kanhai HH, van Lith JM, van Zwet EW, Oepkes D, Brand A, Lopriore E; LOTUS study group.dr Jeanine van Klink2011
Implementation of Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes in Pediatric Daily Clinical Practice: The KLIK ExperienceLotte Haverman, Hedy A. van Oers, Perrine F. Limperg, Channa T. Hijmans, Sasja A. Schepers, Simone M. Sint Nicolaas, Chris M. Verhaak, Antonia H. M. Bouts, Karin Fijnvandraat, Marjolein Peters, Marion A. van Rossum, Johannes B. van Goudoever, Heleen Maurice-Stam, Martha A. GrootenhuisPhD Perrine Limperg2014
Psychometric properties and Dutch norm data of the PedsQL multidimensional fatigue scale for young adultsLotte Haverman, Perrine F. Limperg, Hedy A. van Oers, Marion A. J. van Rossum, Heleen Maurice-Stam, Martha A. GrootenhuisPhD Perrine Limperg2014
School outcome, cognitive functioning, and behaviour problems in moderate and late preterm children and adults: a review.Marjanneke de Jong, Marjolein Verhoeven, Anneloes L van BaarMSc Marjanneke de Jong2012