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Parental stress before, during and after pediatric stem cell transplantation: a review articleC.M.J. Vrijmoet-Wiersma, R.M. Egeler, H.M. Koopman, A. Lindahl Norberg,Drs. Jantien Vrijmoet-Wiersma2009
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School-aged children after the end of successful treatment of non-CNS cancer: Longitudinal assessment of Health-Related Quality of Life, anxiety and copingMaurice-Stam H, Oort FJ, Last BF, Brons PPT, Caron HN, Grootenhuis MAdr Heleen Maurice-Stam2009
Behavioral and Emotional Problems in Children With Sickle Cell Disease and Healthy Siblings: Multiple Informants, Multiple MeasuresC.T. Hijmans, M.A. Grootenhuis, J. Oosterlaan, B.F. Last, H. Heijboer, M. Peters and K. FijnvandraatDrs. Channa Hijmans2009
Paediatric illness! Family mattersGrootenhuis MA & Bronner MBDr. Madelon Bronner2009
An explorative study on quality of life and psychological and cognitive function in pediatric survivors of septic shockBronner MB, Knoester H, Sol JJ, Bos AP, Heymans HS, Grootenhuis MADr. Madelon Bronner2009
Course of behaviour problems of children with cerebral palsy: the role of parental stress and supportR. F. Sipal, C. Schuengel, J. M. Voorman, M. Van Eck and J. G. Becherprof Carlo Schuengel2009
Cognitive performance and behavioural functioning at school age of moderate preterm children born at 32-36 weeks gestational ageVan Baar, A.L., Vermaas, J., Knots, E., De Kleine, M.J. & Soons, P.Prof dr Anneloes van Baar2009
Prenatal maternal emotional complaints and cortisol responses in toddlers and preschoolersBruijn, T.C.E , de, van Bakel, H.J.A., & Van Baar, A.LProf dr Anneloes van Baar2009
Quality of life questionnaires for children with cancer and childhood cancer survivors: a review of the development of available measures.Klassen AF, Strohm SJ, Maurice-Stam H, Grootenhuis MA.Prof dr Martha Grootenhuis2009
Remarkable differences: the course of life of young adults with galactosaemia and PKUBosch AM, Maurice-Stam H, Wijburg FA, Grootenhuis MA.Prof dr Martha Grootenhuis2009